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1967 Mustang Body Color Codes

Every Mustang should have a door tag (data plate) attached to the end of driver’s door.  This door tag gives information including the body style, body color, interior trim color, date of manufacture, DSO (District Special Order), axle gear ratio, type of transmission, VIN number including the year of manufacture, body style engine code and consecutive unit number.

This Guide will cover the Body Color section of the door tag.

Body color codes for the 1967 Mustang:

A   =   Raven Black
B   =   Frost Turquoise
D   =   Acapulco Blue
E   =   Beige Mist
F   =   Arcadian Blue
H   =   Diamond Green
I   =   Lime Gold
K   =   Nightmist Blue
M   =   Wimbledon White
N   =   Diamond Blue
Q   =   Brittany Blue
S   =   Dusk Rose
T   =   Candyapple Red
V   =   Burnt Amber
W   =   Clearwater Aqua
X   =   Vintage Burgundy
Y   =   Dark Moss Green
Z   =   Sauterne Gold
4   =   Silver Frost
6   =   Pebble Beige
8   =   Springtime Yellow

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