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1964 1/2 1965 1966 HiPo 289 K Code Engine

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

The early HiPo (High Performance) engines were first offered as an option in June, 1964.  Early HiPo engines had a 5 bell housing bolt engine block.  Some of the other characteristics that set this engine apart include the following:

  • Solid lifters and flat tappet camshaft.
  • Autolite 4100 4V 1.12 Venturi carburetor with a manual choke.  Some K Code engines used a Holley carburetor with a list number of “3259″ (these Holley carburetors were often used in Mustang Shelbys) .
  • Cast iron header type exhaust manifolds.
  • Autolite dual point distributor (later HiPo 289 engines used FoMoCo or Motorcraft dual point distributors).
  • Cylinder heads had screw-in style rocker arm studs and a recessed pocket for the valve springs.  All of the cylinder heads had a “19″, “20″, or “21″ casting number on the front or rear ear of the head.
  • Heavy duty connecting rods (these were the same as the ones that were later used in the Boss 302 engine).
  • Larger diameter alternator pulley.

Mustang 289 HiPo K Code engine production was discontinued after 1967.  The 1968 Mustang J Code 302 4V engine took its place.