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The Evolution of the Early Ford Mustang Distributor

Autolite Dual Point Distributor

Autolite Dual Point Distributor

The early Ford distributor (1964½ – 1973) has evolved over the years.  These distributors served many purposes, from daily driver vehicles up to NASCAR competition.

There were four basic distributors used in this era.

* 1964½ and earlier:  These were Autolite Distributors that had an oil access hole with a small cap located just under the main body of the distributor.
* 1965 through 1967:  Autolite distributors were used, but the oil access hole had been discontinued.
* 1967 through 1971:  FoMoCo distributors replaced the Autolite distributors.
* 1972 and 1973:  The Motorcraft distributor replaced the FoMoCo distributor.

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