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Classic Mustang Oil Change Tips

When your 1965 – 1973 Classic Mustang is ready for an oil change, here are a couple of tips to follow.

  1. Have the necessary tools and materials ready.  Tools:  Oil filter wrench, oil pan drain plug wrench, funnel, drain pan, and rag;  Materials:  Oil filter and 5-6 quarts of oil (depending on the engine size)
  2. Oil drains the best when the engine is hot.  Before changing the oil, drive a short distance to warm up the engine.  This helps the oil flow out nicely when changing it.
  3. After draining the oil and prior to reinserting the oil pan drain plug, always make sure that the drain hole and threads on the drain plug are in good condition.  If they are worn, you will need to replace them.  You wouldn’t want your drain plug to come out and have your Mustang lose all its oil!  You can replace the plug with a “drain plug repair kit”, which consists of a new drain plug that is slightly larger than the existing plug.
  4. Check the nylon washer that fits under the head of the drain plug.  If it is worn, replace it.  The washer forms a seal under the head of the drain plug.
  5. Make sure the oil pressure sending unit and gauge are working properly.  A properly working oil pressure gauge needle should be in the center or just above the center.  This gives it a “medium” oil pressure reading.
  6. Dispose of oil properly.  Most parts stores will accept used motor oil for free (as a part of their recycling program).