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Favorite Mustang Options?

If you had a favorite Mustang with any option at all, what would it include?

Here’s mine:

1965 GT Mustang Fastback 2+2


  • K-Code hipo 289 (this optional engine backed up by a close ratio top loader 4 speed transmission is a race-ready combination)
  • 3.89-1 trac lock posi traction 3rd member rear end differential
  • Front disc brakes
  • Styled steel wheels
  • Heavy duty dual exhaust
  • Coil and leaf springs
  • Anti-sway bar
  • Fog lights
  • Red colored Pony interior
  • Exhaust trumpets exiting rear valance
  • AM/FM stereo fold down rear seat
  • Shelby stripes
  • “Raven Black” colored body

And, the list wouldn’t be complete without my 2nd favorite:

1967 GT Mustang Convertible Shelby Clone


  • K-Code hipo 289 (this optional engine, backed by a C-4 automatic transmission, makes for easy cruisin’
  • 3.00.1 standard 8″ rear end
  • Front power disc brakes
  • Styled steel wheels
  • Fog light grille
  • GT pop open gas cap
  • Brushed aluminum deluxe interior with lower console
  • “Aculpulco Blue” colored exterior
  • Optional exterior decor group (tail light panel)

Feel free to share your favorite options.  We always look forward to hearing from other Mustang enthusiasts!