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Company History

1988_1967 Coupe_1

The 1967 Mustang coupe that started it all

In 1988 at the young age of 17, FastbackStack LLC’s Managing Member, Lee Walmsley, was given the family’s 1967 Mustang Coupe to fix up and use as a daily driver. At the time, Lee didn’t have much mechanical experience. He asked his uncle to help troubleshoot and after about one month, the Mustang was running. Lee was hooked! He continued to learn whatever he could about Mustangs, engines and restorations and began searching for more Mustangs. Lee’s second Mustang was a 1965 Fastback and third Mustang was a 1967 Fastback. Lee began seriously collecting Mustangs and Mustang parts when he was just 18 years old.

Throughout the mid 1990’s, Lee continued to collect Mustangs and original Mustang parts. He found many Mustangs and parts from surrounding states, but mostly from right here in Washington. Some of the cars he found were rust-free and some were in rather bad shape. But, as Lee puts it, “the worst Fastback is still deserving of a quality restoration”. Lee enjoys restoring Mustangs and has fully restored six Mustangs. He has completed numerous Mustang repairs such as headliner and upholstery installation, body work and body panel replacement, windshield and glass installation and disc brake conversions, to name a few.

FastbackStack, LLC was founded started in May, 2007.  Since then Lee has been selling Mustang parts both locally and worldwide through his online eBay store.

Original Mustang PartsIn December, 2007, FastbackStack, LLC purchased all of the vintage Mustang parts from B&M Classic Ford in Monroe, Washington. As some of you recall, in 2005, B&M Classic Ford had purchased the inventory from the Wild West Classic Mustang Ranch, or more famously known as the “Mustang Ranch”. The Mustang Ranch was a worldwide icon for its inventory of over 450 wrecked and unwanted Mustangs. Thus, FastbackStack, LLC now owns all of the remaining inventory from the iconic Mustang Ranch. This acquisition of vintage Mustang parts considerably added to FastbackStack, LLC’s already large collection.

FastbackStack, LLC strives to fill the niche of providing Mustang owners and restorers with the hard-to-find, original parts for their vintage Mustangs, while offering fast and friendly service.

We look forward to establishing a Mustang connection with you, our fellow Mustang enthusiast!