Original Parts with an Original Fit!

Why buy original?

Check out our top 10 reasons why original parts are the best.

Original Parts…DSCF7509

  1. Offer the best fit. Original parts fit your Mustang like the day it came out of the factory.
  2. Offer the best quality. Some reproduction parts, specifically body parts, are often made of a lesser gauge steel than original parts were. Original parts were made stronger.
  3. Are authentic. With original parts, your Mustang becomes the genesis of the ’60s and ’70s modern car design.
  4. Maintain your car’s originality. Original Classic Mustangs are instantly recognizable.
  5. Are necessary for a concours restoration. Restorations made to this specification only use factory original parts.
  6. Adhere to strict judging rules at Mustang shows.
  7. Offer collectible value. A classic Mustang holds its value if it’s original.
  8. Preserve American history and culture. Rebuilding to factory Ford specifications captures the nostalgia and heritage of the Mustang.
  9. Offer a nostalgic American beauty complete with elegance and style.
  10. Help to relive your childhood. A classic muscle car shows enthusiastic, youthful assertiveness and accomplishment.