Original Parts with an Original Fit!

For the Kids

Hey Kids! Here are 3 ways to have some Mustang’n FUN!

  1. Color some Mustangs!
  2. 1966 Mustang Fastback

    Click here for a selection of Mustang coloring pages to download and color!

  3. Join the Junior Antique Automobile Club of America!
  4. Junior AACA
    If you have an interest in antique cars (like Mustangs), you can join the club! You’ll receive your very own membership card, badge and quarterly newsletter as well as find out about special activities located in your area.

  5. Go to a Car Show
  6. Go to a Car Show
    Ask your dad or mom if there are any car shows in your area. Some car shows offer fun things for kids, like inflatable slides and real drag racing cars! Cool! Visit http://www.takeakidtoacarshow.com for some great reasons why your parents should take you!