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1969 1970 351 Windsor Mustang Engines

All Windsor engines were manufactured at the Windsor plant in Ontario, Canada.  The following is a list of Windsor style engines:

* 221 V8
* 260 V8
* 289 V8
* Hi Po 289
* 302 V8
* 351 W

The first 351 Windsor was first available in 1969, with either 2V or 4V induction.  The 4V induction was not offered in 1970.  The 2V Windsor and the 2V and 4V Cleveland were offered in 1970.

The engine code for 351 Windsor was “H” for a 2V and “M” for a 4V.  The 351 Windsor has a 4.00 inch bore and a 3.5 inch stroke.  The same is true for a 351 Cleveland.  The 351 Windsor connecting rods are longer than the 351 Cleveland rods.

The 351 Windsor looks similar in appearance to a 289 or a 302, but the 351 Windsor has a wider intake and taller cylinder heads.