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Mustang Electrical System Woes

Back in the 1960’s, Classic Mustangs were popular “ecomony cars” for their time.  Forty years later, they may suffer from some electrical issues.  Here are some items to check when troubleshooting your Mustang’s electrical problems:

  • Turn signal switch (located in the steering column).
  • Voltage regulator (located in the engine compartment).
  • Condenser (located in the distributor).
  • Small voltage regulator (located on the back side of the instrument cluster).
  • Grounding wires (located under the dash).
  • Grounding wire located on the back of the right hand cylinder head (this wire grounds to the firewall).
  • All plugs and other connections.

Make sure to clean all of the grounding terminals with a quality spray corrosion inhibitor and clean every plug connection.  You might also want to replace the parking and marker lights and sockets.  Replace all under-dash bulbs regardless of appearance.  Check all of the connection points for continuity.  You might also want to replace the flashers.  When it’s time to hook up the battery, make sure the ignition key is in the “off” position while the battery is being hooked up.  Failing to do so can overheat the ignition wire from the starter solenoid to the ignition switch.

If your wiring system has seen better days, check with FastbackStack, LLC and see if a better one is available.