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Ford Mustang Autolite FoMoCo Motorcraft Dual Point Distributors

Dual point distributors and engine applications varied from year to year. During 1964½-1973, there were four dual point distributors used (two of these were Autolite, one was FoMoCo and the other was Motorcraft).

* Autolite: These were used in 1964½-1967 K Code and Shelby Mustangs. They had a dual point distributor with the centrifigual advance. These High Performance (HiPo) 289’s were the only engines using dual point ignition without the vacuum advance.
* FoMoCo: In late 1967 through 1971, all other dual point and HiPo distributors used the vacuum advance. Some engines using these distributors include the late 1967 HiPo 289’s, GT 390’s, 427 side oiler, 428 SCJ, 429 SCJ. These distributors used the vacuum advance.
* Motorcraft dual point distributors: In 1972 and 1973, some 351 Cleveland 4Vs, mainly CJ’s, used a Motorcraft dual point distributor.

You may find other variations that aren’t listed here, such as a 1965 date coded distributor that says “Motorcraft” or “FoMoCo”. Pehaps these were service replacements that were made from 1968-1973, or later.