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1968 Mustang California Special GT CS

GTCSThe California Special was a limited production promotional Shelby-ized Mustang.  Here are some of the production facts about this rare car:

  • The California Special was only available in the Coupe body style.
  • The base model was a 6 cylinder engine with a 3 speed manual transmission.
  • 4,025 California Specials were built and 300 High Country Specials were built (4,325 total California and High Country Specials were built).
  • Production of 4,325 GT/CS occurred at random within an assembly line of 50,000 other Mustangs and Mercury Cougars in a 6 month period.
  • The production numbers began at 119,000 and ended at 172,000.
  • High Country Specials were similar to California Specials, but were made for Denver, Colorado and had different emblems and insignias.
  • The data plate on a High Country Special will read DSO51.
  • Shelby Automotive was contracted to build 6,180 parts sets for a projected 5,500 California Specials to be assembled.  Since 5,500 California Specials were not produced, there were a lot of spare parts.
  • The part number for the Lucas fog lamp is C8WY-15L203-A.  This is a Cougar part number.
  • The 1968 ½ Mercury Cougar had a special order cousin to the GT/CS which was the 1968 ½ Cougar XR-7G (“G” = Gurney in April, 1968).
  • Only early GT/CS used Marchal fog lamps.
  • In October, 1968, Marchal lamps were recalled with limited success.
  • The grille is unique only to GT/CS.  There are no mounting areas for the corral or the grill surround and moulding.  The trim is black, which limited fog lamp glare.
  • A GT/CS used the same hood twist lock and retaining bracket as the 1968 Shelby.
  • GT/CS shared the same lower side scoops and fiberglass tail light panels as the 1968 Shelby Mustangs.
  • The most unique part exclusive to the GT/CS is the tail light wiring with special plugs and purple part number tag PN XSR C8ZX-14405-A.