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The evolution of the Mustang 428 CJ

The FE 428 cid (cubic inch displacement) engine was originally engineered for the 1966 Ford Thunderbird. At first, this engine was a sleeper (somewhat sluggish in such a big full-size car). With numerous modifications, 428’s entered the Mustang assembly line on April 1, 1968. This engine was then transformed into a high performance brute…a tower of horse power!

The 428 was a combination of a Medium Riser Ford 427 and a Ford 390 Police Interceptor. From this combination, the 428 Cobra Jet was born (nickname: CJ). With further refinements, this engine evolved into the Super Cobra Jet. The 428 SCJ engine was equipped with an external oil cooler that was called a “drag pack option”. This rare option cooled the engine oil, while also extending the life of the engine.