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Sniff out the vintage Mustangs!

Classic Mustangs are becoming increasingly hard to find, so one has to hone in and use their sixth sense when finding one….you know, their MUSTANG RADAR!! I’ve often been told that I have an uncanny ability to unearth Mustangs even in the most remote locations. So how do I do this? How have I developed this sixth sense?

I began my Mustang obsession 20 years ago (yes, as a true compulsive collector!) I knew what I wanted, bought about anything Mustang related I could get my hands on and amassed quite a collection.  While sniffing out Mustangs is getting increasingly challenging, here are my top 5 tips for developing your Mustang sixth sense:

  1. Visit the suburbs. Most of the cars I found were “laid to rest” here: in driveways, alongside garages, and in backyards. If you are lucky to find one, all it takes is a simple question to the owner to see if he/she is interested in selling it.
  2. Remote locations are your friend! Thoroughly drive alleys and backroads. You never know what treasures you will find!
  3. Keep your eyes open at all times! Driving along one day, I actually found a 1965 Fastback poking out from 20 feet of blackberry bushes. The owner was more than happy for me to clean up his blackberry bushes and haul the Mustang away for a mere $100!
  4. NETWORK! Let people know that you are looking for a Mustang.  Four eyes and four ears are better than two! Obviously, the more people who know that you are looking for your Classic dream car, the more chances you will have for someone spotting one somewhere. A lot of Mustangs are sold without even being advertised. Some people just don’t want to go through the trouble of selling it and if they have a buyer lined up already, they’ll be more than willing to sell. This one has been HUGE for us. We love to network and still receive calls when someone is looking to sell their Mustang, even from as far as 200 miles away!
  5. Check internet sites: Obviously, eBay is a great site, but don’t forget about other sites, like CraigsList. Several internet sites offer RSS feeds. Download an RSS reader and sign up for the RSS feed. RSS feeds allow you to receive constant, updated information. If you set up your RSS feed to receive information about Mustangs, then you will receive a message the INSTANT that the Mustang is posted. For example, if you are looking for a 1967 Mustang Fastback, enter this criteria into your RSS feed from the internet site (like CraigsList). Then, when someone lists a 1967 Mustang Fastback for sale, your RSS feed will give you an immediate message on your computer. BINGO! You can now be the first person to call the seller and go to look at the car before anyone else!

Good luck perfecting your Mustang sixth sense! Where are some interesting places that you have found your Classic Mustangs?

Port Angeles, WA Car Show (April 25, 2009)