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To GT or Not to GT

How do you tell if a 1965 or 1966 Mustang was a true factory GT or just a Dealer installed imposter?

There were 2 types of Mustang GT’s:  Factory GT and dealer installed GT equipment.  What is the difference?

Factory Mustang GT’s

Factory Mustang GT’s were equipped with the following:

  • “A” or “K” code 289 4V premium fuel engine
  • Reinforced rear floor pan for the GT exhaust
  • Extra hanger bracket inside the rear frame rail for the GT exhaust
  • Factory fog lights
  • Rocker panel trim that was deleted (there weren’t any holes in the rocker panels for the trim)

Dealer GT’s

Dealers installed original GT equipment because it was readily available if a customer requested it.  Dealer GT vehicles could have been equipped with the following:

  • May or may not have an “A” code engine
  • Could have any available transmission
  • Almost never had reinforced rear floor pans
  • Never had rear frame rail exhaust hanger brackets
  • May have factory fog lights, but chances are, the underdash wiring harness would not have been changed (it would have been modified instead).
  • In most cases, would have rocker panel trim.  If it was removed, there would be evidence of filled trim holes.
  • Could have any interior that the customer requested.

How to tell a true Mustang GT from an imposter:

  1. Pull up the lower cushion of the rear seat.  All GT’s (Coupe, Convertible or Fastback) should have a reinforced rear floor pan.  This was for the heavy duty GT exhaust hangers.  The factory installed an extra sheet metal plate in the location of the rear seat belt mounting area to provide extra strength to hold the GT exhaust.  Only factory GT’s have these.  Dealer GT’s did not.
  2. Feel inside the 3/4″ hole on the side of the rear frame rails, near the rear spring hanger for an extra bracket.  Factory GT’s had these brackets for the GT exhaust.  Dealer GT’s could not manually install these brackets.

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