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1965 Mustang Bench Seat Vehicles …hmmm

Things that make you go hmmm……

In 1965, there were 2,111 bench seat Convertibles produced (a bench seat is one long seat in the front of the vehicle, rather than two bucket seats).

The body code stamped underneath the lower left-hand (driver’s side) rocker panel on bench seat Mustangs would be coded as follows:

* 1965 Mustang Convertibles would read “76C”
* 1965 Mustang Coupes would read “65C”
* 1965 Fastbacks did not come with the bench seat as an option

I have noticed on many of my 1965 Fastbacks, the body code on the rocker panel is “65A” or “65B”, which indicates Coupe Standard Interior (65A) or Coupe Deluxe Interior (65B).  Some of my Fastbacks are correctly stamped “63”, which does indicate Fastback.  Why didn’t Ford stamp all of the Fastback rocker panels with this Fastback number “63”?

Hmmm…..in too much of a hurry at the assembly line?