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2015 Mustangs Northwest Roundup!

2015 Mustang Roundup
Bellevue Community College in Bellevue Washington

Will have a nice turnout of Shelby’s as well as every other type and year of Pony car. This year is the 50th anniversary of the Shelby and the 51st Birthday of the first Mustangs that rolled off the assembly line.

The actual production started March 9th 1964 and the introduction of the American Icon Classic debuted at the Worlds Fair in New York on April 17 th 1964. That day Ford recorded 22,000 Units sales. Thats 22,000 mustangs selling in one Day. Back in the day. Shelby’s were Considered 1965 and were introduced in the fall of 64 all having Standard interior. As the Pony interior and GT package was not an option until April 1965. The Shelby’s did have the Handling package Consisting of a special Pitman arm and idler arm. These were longer than the stock ones to make Manual steering much easier and Quick ratio 16:1. The Special steering gear box tag showing the HCC AX part number.

There were many other unique Performance Parts available as well and FoMoCo also offered K Code and HiPo engine upgrade and dress up kits ( over The Counter ).  Back then new parts sales were just regular parts now they are NOS ( New Old Stock )

FastbackStack, LLC will be at the 2015 Mustang Roundup on Sunday, July 19th.  Please come by and see us.