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1964 1/2 – 1968 Mustang Autolite 1100 1V Carburetors

Autolite 1100 1V Carburetor

Autolite 1100 1V Carburetor

Autolite 1100 1V carburetors Was a good carburetor in its day.  Used on Falcon Mustang Sprint Fairlane Comet 170 and 200 inline six cylinder engines.  They are getting very hard to find and when you do find one only about 1 in 5 will function properly no matter who rebuilds or what they try to do to it.  This is probably due to some internal wear issue that is un-restorable.  Then a NEW one was reproduced but at a high cost.  And even those re-production carbs had issues.  About any carburetor can sit there and idle but other drive-ability issues are persistent.

Starting in about 1967 Holley made a 1V to take the 1100 Autolites place.  The replacement Holley is hard to come by but a far better carburetor.  They swap directly in place with little to no modification needed.  Nearly every time the Holley can be successfully overhauled with very few drive-ability issues.  i.e surging galloping hesitation stalling backfiring running rich or lean icing up flooding etc.The Holley uses the same air cleaner as the autolite 1100.  By about 1970 the Holley 1V was casted with the block letters AUTOLITE but is still the Holley style.  And likely also used on the 250 cid 6 Cylinder.

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