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Mach 1 or Boss Mustang?

Another viewer question:

Question: Hi, I was reading your write ups on how to decode a Mustang (Mustang Guides). Very nice work. I’m in the market for a ’66-’70 fastback and have a question for you. According to the VIN # what makes a Mach 1 or a Boss a true code car over just a fastback (02 and 05)? Is there a way I can tell if its a real Mach 1 or Boss? Thanks for your help.

Answer:  All 1969 and 1970 regular Fastbacks have a “02” in the VIN #.  A true Mach 1 will have a “05”. A 302 Boss will have an engine code “G”. A Boss 429 will have a “ZZ” in the VIN #.